Who are Audiologists

Audiologists are health-care professionals who detect, assess, diagnose and recommend appropriate hearing technologies for treatment of hearing related problems. They also provide services in problems such as tinnitus and balance disorders related to ear. They can answer your queries related to hearing mechanism and problems associated with them.

Professionally trained, the audiologists use various techniques to asses hearing of infants, children and adults. The have the skills to carry out a variety of tests to establish the nature and extent of hearing problem of their patients. They offer the most suitable treatment and management plan to their patients which can help them in their disability. Fitting hearing aids, Cochlear Implants providing rehabilitation services and evaluating dizziness and balance of the patient are only some of the services they offer.

Audiologists have a either a Bachelor’s ,Masters degree from their respective universities. Some of them pursue education in this field further and go on to earn doctorate degrees. They are trained in the prevention, assessment of hearing disorders and can also provide non-medical treatment to their subjects. They however are not medical doctors and can only refer people with serious ear abnormalities with special surgical or medical needs to medical doctors who specialize in this field (Otolaryngologists).



Audiologists can perform various hearing tests which range from simple screening hearing tests to advanced tests using specialized equipment and techniques. This helps to get the necessary information about the hearing loss. The tests are carried out with the help of sophisticated machinery which provides accurate information. Audiologists then interpret the results and can explain to the patients what the results tell about them.

They are skilled in the use of specialized equipment to obtain accurate information about hearing loss. They can inspect the external ear and eardrum with an otoscope and look for any abnormality that may be present.

They can assist the patient in understanding how to use their hearing equipment and can educate the patients about hearing loss. They have the knowledge on hearing protection issues and enlighten their subjects as well as the general population about them. They provide instructions on how to take care of your ear and how to enhance you hearing abilities if you are suffering deficiencies. Some of them take part and conduct research programs about these issues or provide educational services as teachers in universities for future audiologists. Besides this they may work in an educational set up providing rehabilitation services to children with hearing impairment They specialize in recommending suitable hearing aids ,FM systems ,other assistive listening devices and also perform Cochlear Implant rehabilitation .



Audiologists are there to help and offer services to children of any age. The help audiologists offer to deaf or hearing impaired infants and children cannot be stressed enough. Hearing is essential for speech development in a small child and thus the services of these professionals are invaluable to the development of the child. Any suspicion rising about the child’s hearing capabilities should immediately be discussed with an audiologists. They then can perform various screening tests to check for hearing impairment in newborns and can also sometimes establish the cause of the disability. They can design and fit hearing aids in children who will benefit from these and provide other possible solutions in other cases. They can counsel the parents about the child’s disability and offer guidance on how to deal with the child.