Funds for Seniors to Cover More Aids

The importance of government initiative cannot be undermined in assisting elderly. The Government has taken a very positive step towards helping the elderly people of society who require assistance. The expected launch of Senior’s Mobility and Enabling Fund has made assistive devices such as hearing aid, wheelchairs etc. much easily attainable and affordable for the elder citizens. The plan is that the government will provide 10 million dollars initially for the original mobility fund which will help reduce the cost of basic aids for the elderly and increase accessibility to less privileged. In the next five years, an additional 40 million dollars will be added to the fund to continue the important work of improving quality of life for elderly Singaporeans.

Eligibility criteria require the person to be 60 or older and having a household with per capita income less than $1800.

Application procedure can be done through Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) and restructured hospitals and funds can be applied to cover 90 percent of the cost of different basic aids such as motorized wheel chairs, hospital beds and even spectacles. Patients being taken care at homes by professional health-care personnel can benefit from the fund by only having to pay half the costs of things such as adult diapers, catheters etc.

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong was quick to appreciate the new policy and stressed that the fund will prove crucial in helping senior citizens in the community with independency.

The original Mobility fund founded in April, 2011 only utilized $516,000 to help 1400 people over the period of previous two years and only catered for basic items such as walking frames and transport subsidies.

With the use of the restructured funding program, thousands of elderly people who continued to live without basic aids will find a “new life” when they have access to devices which will improve quality of their lives. The importance of the Senior Mobility Fund cannot be stressed enough. Poor or less privileged people will benefit most and this will go a long way to make their quality of life in old age a better and more comfortable one.