Code of Conduct

  • Members shall provide the highest level of professional service with honesty, compassion and dignity to their clients.
  • Members shall maintain the highest level of professional competence be only providing services for which they are qualified by training and experience.
  • Members shall maintain the highest level of professionalism by providing their services to all clients in need of such service and shall not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion nationality or general health of the clients.
  • Members shall provide only those services and products that are necessary and in the best interest of their clients.
  • Members are obliged to inform their clients of the services and products to be provided and the costs involved prior to the provision of the services and product.
  • Members must not charge for services not rendered. A reasonable consultation fee may be charged for member’s time spent with the client.
  • Members should not misrepresent themselves, their credentials or their profession nor should they use the good name of the society to promote themselves, their services or their products.
  • Members shall not bring disrepute to the profession or the society. Grievances among members should be directed to the President who will convene a Grievance/Disciplinary committee to mediate on the matter.
  • Members shall accept the rules and code of the society freely and be bound by them.