Hearing Aids: Too Few Qualify for Subsidies

Hearing Experts

Call to Regulate Sellers of Hearing Devices

Regarding hearing aid dispensing, health experts suggest that clinicians must be well-trained and certified for the job. The agony of hearing-impaired patients is increased when flawed, inappropriately-tuned hearing aids are fitted on them. They are not only ineffective, but can also cause immense frustration, and may even be a health risk as it can inflict noise-induced hearing loss on the wearer. Indeed, Dr. Euan Murugasu, consultant ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeon, has gone as far as saying ‘’The wrong hearing aid or an improperly fitted one is, in a way, ...

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1 in 6 Singapore Youth Faces Risk of Hearing Loss: Study

Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a preventable cause of acquired hearing loss. Currently, much focus is directed to workplace NIHL. In recent years, portable music players (PMPs) such as MP3 players and smart phones have gained a popular acceptance from the public and there have been a rising number of young adults utilizing these devices at increasingly higher music volumes. Locally, there is a perception that our youths are being exposed to potentially damaging noise levels from use of personal music players. According to the study conducted and the report ...

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Mr Yiap Kim Hong

Hearing Aids for a War Hero

Hearing Aids Subsidy – a Tribute to a War Hero Rattling sound of the propellers roared through the air.  Captain “Winkie” Ho Weng Toh was piloting the B-25 Mitchell bomber in the early morning of March 1945.  His heart was burning with fire and could not wait to bomb the hell out of the Japanese military installations. Captain Ho dropped the bombs when he finally reached his targets. “Boom!” “Boom!” Thunderous explosions rang through the morning sky. Captain Ho’s ears hurt but he was not bothered. He was proud to have accomplished his mission. Captain ...

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Winne Ng

Funds for Seniors to Cover More Aids

The importance of government initiative cannot be undermined in assisting elderly. The Government has taken a very positive step towards helping the elderly people of society who require assistance. The expected launch of Senior’s Mobility and Enabling Fund has made assistive devices such as hearing aid, wheelchairs etc. much easily attainable and affordable for the elder citizens. The plan is that the government will provide 10 million dollars initially for the original mobility fund which will help reduce the cost of basic aids for the elderly and increase accessibil...

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The Gift of Hearing

Auditory-Verbal therapy is teaching children with hearing impairment to listen and talk and maximizing their residual hearing with the constant use of amplification devices such as hearing aids and cochlear implants. Auditory-verbal therapy emphasizes imparting skills of speech and listening. Julius is a 5 year old child. He was born with an ear abnormality called Large Vestibular Aqueduct Syndrome. In simplified terms, this means that he has abnormally structures in his inner ear which impedes sound conduction. Due to this abnormality, Julius could not hear normally and ...

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Helping Cancer Patients Hear Again

In Singapore, nose cancer patients as well as patients affected by cancer in the head reagion who undergocancer treatment maybeaffected by hearing loss. Statistically, 1 in 20 persons with nose cancer and undergoing radiotherapy will be affected with a significant hearing loss and requires treatment such as hearing aids or implant. The Audiologist will work closely with ENT doctors to determine whether a hearing aid or an cochlear implant is necessary. The concept of providing cancer patients with hearing aids or cochlear implant is fairly new in Singapore but there are ...

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